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Article: The 7 Beauty Tips That You Should Definitely Ignore

The 7 Beauty Tips That You Should Definitely Ignore

The 7 Beauty Tips That You Should Definitely Ignore

As someone who used to straighten their hair with an iron when I was a helpless teen, it is now my mission as an adult beauty guru (self-appointed) to dispel common beauty tips that are still plaguing the internet. Mastering our beauty routine is a never-ending learning curve. Everyone’s looking for a quick fix or secret to enhance themselves, and as part of that, we’re willing to try anything sometimes. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes that’s a big no-no. Here are the seven beauty tips you can forget about.

#1 Going loco for coco…

Ever since coconut oil became a ‘thing’ a few years back, bloggers have been touting its miraculous benefits when it comes to health and beauty. A popular tip that’s been circulating recently is to use it as a makeup remover in lieu of classic cleansers, but it’s actually a very comedogenic ingredient. What does that mean? Well it can clog your pores causing unwanted breakouts. Enough said!


#2 Shunning moisturiser if you have oily skin…

A complete fallacy is that people with oily skin should be scared of moisturisers and oils. When your skin is extremely dehydrated, it produces excess oil to counteract the problem. Don’t be shy, keep using moisturiser to rebalance your skin.


#3 Downsizing with toothpaste…

We don’t know about you, but we feel like the number one beauty tip we picked up as teens from magazines was dabbing toothpaste on pesky pimples to diminish them overnight. Sorry to say but it’s utterly useless. But don’t despair, because we’ve found an alternative that actually works. Try the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.  

#4 Using a darker lip liner…

Opting for a lip liner that is a few shades darker than your lipstick looks cool on Instagram but in real life, it resembles a “vampire-ish” cartoon – not in a good way. Always buy a shade that’s identical to your lipstick for a sexy and polished finish. Mwah!

#5 Juicing for a clear complexion…

The wellness trend has brought about some very sound and not so sound advice; the most dividing trend is juice cleanses. At first glance, it is reasonable to think that juice will clear up your skin but heaven knows you’re just overdosing on sugar (even if it’s natural sugar, the jury is out: sugar is sugar). And too much sugar wreaks havoc on your skin in the form of dehydration, under eye bags and blemishes.


#6 Lightening with lemons…

It could help brighten your locks during summer, but using lemons on your face to lighten pigmentation should be avoided. The reaction from the sun after applying it can cause inflammation and blistering. If you have stubborn dark spots, stick to safe skincare products like bottled Vitamin C and Retinol.

#7 Rinse and repeat…

We’re not sure why the instructions on most supermarket shampoo bottles say ‘rinse and repeat’ because it’s wrong. Washing your hair twice in one session on the regular is very drying and damaging.


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