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Article: Summer Fashion Trends to Try in 2019

Summer Fashion Trends to Try in 2019

Summer Fashion Trends to Try in 2019


The biggest trends for spring/summer 2019 may surprise you, but these are the new styles and looks you should try this coming season.

It's time to peel off those coats and jackets people, because it's warming up! With the new weather comes a whole new season of fashion and a stack of new trends to try.

This year there are a few expected looks in vogue but there are a whole bunch of trends that have caught us completely by surprise. From leopard print to flatforms, we've scoured the runways, designers, high street stores, Pinterest and Instagram to find the biggest and hottest trends for the spring/summer season.

Read on to see the trends and trending colours you should try this season. And of course, don't miss our guide on where to shop and the best deals and sales.


Leopard print

Love it or hate it, leopard print is back in fashion, but this season's incarnation is softer and a lot more wearable. We're seeing it appear in the form of silky skirts, loose blouses and other more relaxed styles.


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Slip skirts

If you're a fan of slip dresses, then you'll love this trend. This season, your 90s slip dress has a little sister, the slip skirt. A little less revealing than the ultra-tight midi skirt trends from the last few years, this skirt skims your figure in a flattering way, showing just enough. Team it with a T-shirt and boots to grunge it up or look poised and pair it with a plain bandeau and heels.



Bike shorts

The last few years of fashion have blurred the lines between streetwear and sportswear. Off the back of this shift, bike shorts are the surprisingly wearable trend making their way into the mainstream. Try on a pair this summer. They are insanely comfortable!



Matching sets

One of the biggest trends from winter, the check-print set, is carrying over into summer. It's never been cooler to be matchy-matchy. This summer, we'll see pencil skirts with matching crops and cute pants and top sets. There are still a few printed sets floating around but we're mostly seeing brightly coloured co-ords emerge as the warmer weather rolls in.



Forest Green

Jewel tones are out in force this spring and summer. Ruby-reds, garnet-burgundy, topaz-yellow and aquamarine-blue are everywhere. But probably the biggest jewel-tone trend is emerald (or forest) green. Green is not always the most popular colour because it can be hard to wear but this earthy incarnation suits just about everyone. Whether your skin is chocolate, porcelain or caramel coloured, this colour will look great on you.



Belt bags

Belt bags (or bum bags) are a surprising trend that just keeps getting bigger. Whether you love or hate this look, you can't deny that these are actually pretty darn convenient. Especially if you get sick of carrying around a handbag. For any haters out there, why not give this trend a try ahead of a festival or concert? Not having to worry about where you put your shoulder bag is a nice break.


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Colour pop shoes

This trend is an easy one to try. Just swap your black boots or black heels for a brightly coloured pair. This is a great transition trend for anyone who isn't confident enough to go all the way to a bright red shirt or a bright blue coat. Bright red shoes are a good place to start, but this season there are green, purple, blue and even bright yellow shoes to choose from. Pair these with your favourite pair of jeans or add them to an LBD to jazz up your regular outfits.



Rope sandals

A little bit beachy and a whole lot cool, these are the new summer sandal trend we're seeing all over Instagram. Simple, neutral and ultra comfortable, this is a great trend to try if you're someone that doesn't like too much fuss. Wear them to the beach with shorts, wear them to lunch with a breezy dress.




Where neon is concerned, you either love it or absolutely hate it. Regardless of how you feel, neon is coming back. Just look at Chiara Ferragni (creator of The Blonde Salad) in head to toe neon, if she's wearing it, it's definitely about to be a big trend. Bella Hadid has been wearing this look too. If you want to give neon a try, you can add in small pieces like a neon yellow necklace or a neon pink handbag to your existing outfits. Or if you're a true neon lover, take this opportunity to go wild.




Do high heels hurt your feet? Good news! Flatforms are back in fashion. We're seeing flatform sneakers, flatform sandals and even flatform mules pop up in top stores. Why not ditch the stilettos this summer and slide into a pair of these comfy shoes instead? We promise, once you try them, you'll love them.



Trending colours

These are some of the trending colours in fashion right now: khaki, nude and yellow are everywhere. Try adding a bodysuit or even a pair of wide-leg pants in one of these colours to elevate your existing wardrobe.



The trends in accessories

What is an outfit without accessories? Following on from the big earring trend of the last few seasons, this summer it's all about tortoiseshell styles. Scrunchies are back, particularly velvet styles. Scarves are also big at the moment, you can wear these in your hair or tie them onto your wicker bags, yes, wicker and rattan bags are still trending. Layered gold necklaces are another big trend that can jazz up any outfit. And finally, glasses chains seem to be the accessory of the moment.



The smaller trends that are still here from last season

Last season some of the biggest trends were linen, white on white and polka dots and these favourites haven't gone anywhere. This season we're seeing linen pants and lots of linen dresses in stores for summer. Bloggers and influencers everywhere are pairing white with white for an outfit that looks classy and enhances those summer tans. And we're still seeing spots everywhere! Spotted scarves, spotted blouses and spotted skirts.


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