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Article: So You’ve Lost Your Job… Here’s What To Do

So You’ve Lost Your Job… Here’s What To Do

So You’ve Lost Your Job… Here’s What To Do

Regardless of how it went down, losing your job is a real kick in the guts. Like UGH (!) did that really just happen? And you’ll never be prepared for the massive blow to your confidence that follows. Even if you used to complain about your job, now you’re swallowing your words praying this whole ending was just a dream. It affects us so much because at the end of the day we as humans view it as rejection instead of seizing the kick up the butt – which is exactly what is it. It’s true what they say, one door closes and another one opens. A shinier and more exciting door that would never have appeared had you still be where you were. I know it’s not easy, so here’s what to do next whether you’ve been made redundant, fired or pushed out of your job.

Wallow, just a little…

If you’re extra resilient you’ll instinctively brush it off and pretend you don’t give two cents about losing your job.

But like anything solemn in life, if you bury your feelings initially, it rears its ugly head eventually. So let your frustration and tears out. Let your friends be there for you. Talk about it endlessly until your sick of your own voice.

The more you vent out loud, the quicker you’ll digest what happened.

Now enjoy the freedom (momentarily)…

Ok we’re not assuming you’re financially afloat to have a couple weeks off in between jobs but if you can, definitely chill out for a few days or get away for a week. You’ll never ever be this free again. Enjoy the spare time to do the little things you usually rush – sleep in, cook a proper breakfast and catch up with bae. This time is fleeting so take a break and relax into your being.

Work on yourself but not by yourself…

A complete breakdown is normal after losing your job, especially if you associated it with your identity. This is a unique time to seek support! Employ a professional to help you process what happened and rebuild the emotional stamina you need to move forward.

Say hello to exercise and healthy food…

Having a wine bottle and ice cream within arms length is warranted for a night. But don’t let it become a recurrent event. The best thing you can do to stay positive is to make a full-time job out of exercising and eating well. It’s simple: you’ll feel better about your future if you feel good physically.

Put yourself out there…

Don’t be shy about reaching out to everyone you know, even if you haven’t spoken in a while. Remember, you don’t get what you don’t ask for. Forget being conservative and just ask if they know of any work you’d be appropriate for. This way they’ll always have you in mind when something comes up.

Reinvent yourself…

Give yourself a professional makeover. Start with re-designing your resume (check out Canva) and get on LinkedIn to leverage yourself. Creating the best version of you on paper is paramount right now. If you want to do something different in your next job then write down everything you’re good at, take a relevant short course and contact a recruiter that hires in that industry.


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