Mom On The Go!

by: People R Curious



As a mum and wife, I have my hands full most of the time. If it doesn’t have to do with my little boy, it has to do with picking up around the house, cooking, or doing laundry. Or in other cases having to take care of an extra person (aka my husband). No offense to my husband if he’s reading this lol. With all this going on I rarely have the time to get all dolled up and by the time I do have some spare time, I am exhausted. 

Getting ready is the last thing on my mind now-days. My showers are quick & a brush stroke through my hair. Shorts that I’ve slept in with, an oversized shirt, and finally putting my hair up...yup that’s the mom life. Especially when you have to run after your one-year-old. A one-year-old that just learned how to walk and keeps discovering his voice which gets much, much louder. Can you imagine that? 


However, I did eventually put together a quick “To go” outfit or as I like to call it a, “at least I tried”, “running errands”, “mom” outfit, that helps me out on most occasions. First & foremost I’ll get myself a coffee because I like to get my things done in the morning.

Mornings are usually crazy & I am definitely not a morning person. Getting up early in the morning helps me get everything done. If it’s past 12:00 PM then I’ll still stop by Starbucks to get my Iced Venti Caramel Macchiato. Before heading out I grab my favorite black leggings, which I live in, I like mine high waisted. By the way, whoever said leggings aren’t pants has a serious problem! Leggings are a total lifesaver! I mean not only are they comfortable but they shape your body so well. I used to be super against wearing leggings out until I became a mom. Most of my bottom wear are leggings now. I refuse to go back! Yup, those leggings are definitely holding it together for me, lol.

After putting my leggings on, I grab a simple white tee with a jean jacket or a cardigan, some comfortable white sneakers, and viola! If I feel a little extra I’ll quickly add a hat or beanie & tad bit of mascara. Not only is this outfit stylish appropriate but it is totally comfortable without complaint. A quick little outfit before I have to continue my mom duties.


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