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Article: Having your first date? Let us help you choose what to wear!

Having your first date? Let us help you choose what to wear!

Having your first date? Let us help you choose what to wear!

First dates can be daunting. Whether you’ve been on a million, or about to go on your very first one, it’s still the “first” date and it’s a big thing. This could potentially make or break what could be the start of a forever relationship. He could be THE ONE!!! Yes, there will be nerves…A LOT of them and you will be freaking out but in a good way. It’s exciting and scary and amazing all at once. But there’s so much preparation before you come face-to-face with your potential soon-to-be BAE. How will you style your hair? How will you do your makeup? What will you wear? Well in terms of hair and makeup, I’m sure you know what look, best suits you. BUT if you’re freaking out about your wardrobe options and are on the verge of canceling on him because you don’t have anything to wear…then let us, help you. We’ve got you covered for all different types of first dates, so it’s one less stress on you and you can turn up looking fab and feeling fine!

What to wear to a…

Movie Date

Three words; comfortable but cute. Movies mean you’ll be sitting for a good amount of time so this outfit needs to be comfortable, you don’t want to be squirming in your seat because your jeans are too stiff and irritating you. Tights are definitely a winner here, comfy for days but still super cute and paired with an off the shoulder knit or cute cardigan and singlet is the perfect comfy but cute outfit for a first movie date. As for your shoes, don’t wear anything enclosed, remember you’ll be sitting for a while and you don’t want your feet feeling trapped and claustrophobic (you’ll want to wiggle your toes trust me…just don’t wear enclosed shoes). Opt for some plain black, white or tan sandals (whatever best goes with your outfit) and don’t forget to paint your toenails. It not only looks cute but shows you like to take care of yourself and he will notice trust me, he’ll be checking you out from head to toe!

Dinner Date

This is your chance to get a little more dressed up than some of the other first dates and show him what he’s working with. This DOES NOT mean dress slutty or skanky! That’s not what I’m saying. Stay classy…always, but don’t be afraid to show some skin. We recommend a cute little black dress, a dainty clutch to match and of course, heels heels heels. Don’t forget the jewelry, but don’t go overboard. If your dress is a little low-cut and more revealing, then a long necklace and a ring is the way to go. If your dress is more conservative or high neck, then opt for some studs/smaller earrings and a bracelet. If your dinner date isn’t too a fancy restaurant that’s ok! Go for high-waisted jeans with a cute lacy top tucked in, and a little bomber jacket. Add some high heel boots to finish it off and you’re good to go.

Coffee Date

More of a laid back type of the first date, but very common so don’t underestimate it. It doesn’t mean you can just wear tights and sneakers. It’s your chance to show him you can dress casual yet stylish without going overboard. What we mean by this are a pair of boyfriend jeans (choose a pair with minimal rips just to start with) and a little white t-shirt. This has casual yet stylish written all over it. Pair it will some white sneakers and you’re good to go. You could also go with a cute playsuit and slides e.g Billini’s if you’re wanting to show a little more skin and dress a little flirty. There’s nothing wrong with that! Add some earrings and a ring or bracelet and your outfit are complete.

Picnic Date

Aren’t picnics the cutest? Especially for a first date…so intimate and romantic. But what do you wear one? There are a couple of things to think about when dressing for a first picnic date. Firstly, you will be sitting/lying on a rug on grass so don’t wear anything too tight. Opt for a cute flowy floral dress (long or short), that way if you’re sitting cross-legged or laying down you won’t have to worry about your date (or anyone else around you), seeing up your dress. Not only this, a flowy dress is a great outdoorsy option and paired with some hoop earrings, a brimmed hat, and a small long strap bag, you’ll be good to go. Secondly, it may be windy, so it’s always good to check the weather app before you go. If it is going to be windy and you don’t feel comfortable wearing a dress, then a floral playsuit is the perfect option! Paired with some flats and a dainty necklace, you’ll be looking super cute and ready for a magical day. Lastly, there will be food (duh), so don’t wear anything white or too light, just in case you spill the salsa dip on you! Maybe opt for navy blue or red prints, you can never go wrong there!


If your soon-to-be boy is a little more adventurous and decides to take you on a different first date experience than usual, for example; the zoo, ice skating, the theatre or a concert (lucky you), just think of what you will be doing and who will be around you. Like ok, you’re not going to wear a skirt and a crop top ice skating…duh. You’ll opt for jeans or tights with a cute sweatshirt and sneakers and definitely wear a beanie, so cute!! If you are going to the theatre or a concert we already have you covered in our “What To Wear To The Theatre” and “What To Wear To A Concert” blogs. If there is any other first date experience that I haven’t mentioned, just remember to have fun with it, think about your surroundings and what you will be doing and you’ll be fine. You got this girl!

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