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Article: Elegant in Black


Elegant in Black


Black is ageless and elegant. It can hide a multitude of stains, is flattering, and safe. An all-black fashion is the perfect opportunity to experiment with accessories, fabrics, finishes and silhouettes.

Stylish and elegant black is always in fashion. Although some designers call beige, gray, and white ‘the new black,’ we still go back to the classic black color.



Bright accents and accessories

Colorful accessories leave a lot of room for creativity and make your black or black-and-white outfit unforgettable. A vivid clutch bag, a hat, or colored heels will look wonderful on a monochrome background.





Wear slightly loose things

Black is slimming. It’s a fact. However, if you wear more fitted clothes in order to look slimmer, it may accentuate all the flaws you have. A black dress, pants, or a jacket that are slightly loose add more chic to your style.

Vary the fabrics

You can play with various textures to create a great look. For example, wear cotton pants with a silk blouse, or a leather pencil skirt, satin top, and a fine woolen sweater. Black patent leather heels or bags will perfectly complement an all-black outfit.

Monochrome is a chic and time-tested option

There is one great and super easy color combination that always looks wonderful: black and white. If you have perfectly fitted clothing made from quality fabrics in your wardrobe, you’re a queen.

Graphic silhouette and asymmetry

Black is the best color to create a fashionable asymmetrical or graphic look.

The color black demands perfection

Perhaps this is the main rule. Black will accentuate a poor haircut, lack of sleep, or a pale face with no makeup. If you don’t have time to wash your hair or you see a pimple in the mirror, pick a different color, otherwise you won’t feel confident the whole day.

Accentuate your eyes

Black can make you look older than you are if you don’t have makeup on your face. It’s important to emphasize your eyes, and don’t think you have to wear red lips — you may look like a vamp. Instead, go for a more natural look. You should wear red lipstick only if it really suits you.


Light up your face with the color that suits you most

Black is the best color for ‘winter’ types (light skin and dark hair). When people with ‘warm’ skin undertones (‘autumn’ or ‘spring’ - they usually have ginger hair and freckles) wear black clothes, their face seems pale and tired. To avoid this, wear the color that suits you closer to your face; for example, add a vivid blouse, scarf, necklace, or a brooch to your outfit.





Don’t be afraid to mix black with other colors

Forget the rule that says you can only wear black with white or red. Every color suits black — purple, gray, blue, green, every color in the spectrum.









A cutout back

It looks incredibly beautiful, and there’s no better way to show your back to the world.

Choose the right accessories

Belts and bags made from quality leather emphasize the nobility and depth of the color black. Metal rivets, gemstone jewelry, and golden and yellow metal accessories also match well with black.


Black lace has an exceptional power of influence on the imagination. It can help you create a tender yet slightly gothic look as it won’t look too sweet. Black lace looks great if you match it with quality leather or a jersey fabric.

No matter your age or your fashion sense is, you can never go wrong with black. Black is never boring but rather a true sense of elegance.

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