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Active Wear


Fashion trends aren’t for everyone. Think about the time when skinny jeans returned, and all the ladies who didn’t have legs like Kate Moss lost hope. What about the recent midriff trend that led women to show a little too much skin?

Well, today, I tackle a gripe I’m having lately with the rise of active wear as day wear. Yes, I totally get it – it’s comfortable, it’s functional and can even motivate you to get your daily physical exercise requirements. However, I think there’s been a blur of boundaries and today, and we’ll decode it:

Active wear is sports specific. It’s designed for the gym, for your evening walk or your cross-fit class. It’s not something to be worn for a street shop or lunching with the ladies.


Most active wear are also designed for those that are…well…active.

Snug, unforgiving tights, fitted tank tops and runner tread that are not very mix-and-match friendly.

Despite all these, there seems to be a mountain of women shopping in ¾ tights and wearing Adidas halter tops to the school pick up.

What happened to jeans and a tee? Or a casual dress and sandals?

You see, active wear isn’t designed for flattering your body shapes – it is designed for performance - this means breathable fabrics, jumpers, short tops, and tight compression garments.

It also means that while it will be comfortable, it won’t hide a triangle body shape’s lower curves or balance broad rectangle shoulders. Actually, it’s not very flattering at all unless you have a super active, toned body.


But I’m a Gym Junkie


I know many of you will be multi-tasking and be wearing your sports gear because you’re “on your way” to the gym or immediately heading out for that walk.

Okay, so you may be an exception. HOWEVER, I still personally believe in getting changed at the gym.


I often wonder if the office allowed “sportswear.” Would you wear your lycra leggings and fluro tee all day and then head off to the gym? Or would you get changed after work?

I suppose many will opt for the latter.

Now if you’re still not sold, I’m happy to work with you.

I’m going to ask you to visit your favorite sports stores (Nike, Adidas, Lorna Jane, etc.) and check out their “daywear” section.

You’ll notice the clothes will look like seasonal pieces but still a little sporty. Off the shoulder is huge right now along with leopard print.

As always, today’s blog post is designed to ensure that you always look your best. As far as I know, a right active wear does not care for body shape.

Why not look your best every day? There are many other comfortable options out there that don’t include 2XU tights and a hooded jumper.

Need help with your wardrobe? Click the link below!


New Season Activewear In Store Now! 

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