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Article: 3 Ways to Style the Teddy Bear Jacket

3 Ways to Style the Teddy Bear Jacket

3 Ways to Style the Teddy Bear Jacket

By Julie at Sunkissed Expressions

Teddy bear jackets are the new "sherpa quarter-zip pullover!"  ... yeah, yeah, I know the pullover's are still a hit and there's some questions to getting a teddy bear jacket, such as: how in the world do I wear it?! Trust me, I had the same original thought. They're cute, cozy, and warm, but where and how am I ever going to wear it? I'm here to tell you, these teddy bear jackets are about to be your biggest go-to item in your closet (even more so than that pullover)! They are meant to be oversized and can either give you that Sunday cute, lounging around look or be ready for date night. Dress them down, dress them up, dress them some where in the middle!


It's a Sunday or your day off. It's cold out. All you want to do is stay bundled up all day long and snuggle with that toasty coffee pot. Pair your teddy pair jacket with some leggings, a basic tee, some booties or fur-lined mules if you need to run some errands or just stay in your slippers all day, and throw your hair in a top-knot. Effortless! You get to stay warm (without hauling your blanket around the house..admit it, we've all had those days), while still looking super cute! Cute enough to even go to the store if need be and then come back home and continue being cozy!



Here we have an evening or "day" look. Going out for Monday night football for pizza and wings at your favorite bar? Concert? Pumpkin patch? Low-key dinner with friends? Teddy bear jacket. Throw on your favorite skinny jeans: destroyed, not-destroyed; black, white, dark-wash, light-wash, colored - any of them will look great! Pair it with a graphic t-shirt and some booties, you are set! Hair up, hair down, anything will easily go with this look.



It's date night and it's cold out...what could be more difficult than trying to look cute while going out with your girls or significant other. For some, this may be simple; for a warm weather girl like me, not so much. I always bring some sort of jacket with me unless it's the middle of summer. Even then, I probably still have one just in-case the restaurant has the AC cranked up. So teddy bear jacket it is!

Throw on your favorite LBD (little black dress), every girl has to have at least one in that closet! If it's a bit warmer out, but still jacket weather, you could pull off some sandals or heels. If it is late fall/winter, I'd definitely throw on some little booties or over-the-knee boots! If you have the same color of OTK boots as the jacket and a LBD, it'd be sooo cute and a great way to mix up the colors. You could even put on some black tights to keep a bit warmer too. Leopard print booties and gold jewelry accents would be a fun way to throw some color in there! Burgundy, eggplant purple or olive accents would work well for a fall look too. The jacket is a neutral, so the sky's the limit.

Depending on where you live, if there's a bunch of snow and/or it's freezing out, maybe skip the LBD and grab the black pants instead. Black faux leather leggings, destroyed or non-destroyed black denim with a lace top would look killer. For shoes: go with the leopard or snakeskin booties to mix it up with a print, black booties, or OTK boots would also work great! Now get out there and have some fun, lady!


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